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Post  nikoflame on Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:29 pm

GOLD! (this rule does not fit in the in-game rules, so it is kept here)
Only Niko can give out gold. You get gold when you build awesome things. The more awesome it is, the more gold you get. If you don't ask for gold, you don't get any. To buy something from the list, give your gold to Niko, and he will give you the reward for that amount! The list is below:
5000 gold :: 128x128x128 map (basic home level)
10000 gold :: 256x256x256 map (basic second home level)
25000 gold :: 512x256x512 map (a large level)
50000 gold :: 1024x512x1024 map (a very large level)
60000 gold :: ???x???x??? map (you choose the dimensions!)
100000 gold :: Mystery Prize (what could it be?)

No Griefing!
This will result in an immediate ban*. There will be NO WARNING.

No Spamming!
This will result in an immediate mute. There will be NO WARNING.

No Arguing About the Rules!
The punishment shall be decided depending on the level of offence.

No Asking for Ranks!
Warning, then ban*.

No Changing Your Title Color with ANYTHING but /tcolor!
This includes rainbow titles and such. You will be asked to change your title color by an Admin/Moderator and if you do not do so, then you will have your title removed.

No Insulting!
If you are caught insulting / being mean to anyone (esp. Admins) you will be instantly kicked.

No Advertising!
If you are caught advertising anything that doesn't have to do with Niko's World you will first be warned, then when caught again you will be banned*.

Treat all staff and the Server Owner with respect!
They do not ban people unfairly. You WILL NOT be mistreated by one. If you are mistreated by any staff member, please post it in the complaints section of the forums.

Make sure to type "/rules" to see more server rules.

*all bans can be appealed in the Ban Appeal section of the forums.
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