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Post  nikoflame on Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:17 pm

Inappropriate behavior:
Repeated behavior deemed inappropriate may result in you being banned from our forums. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

* over use of obscenities
* nudity of any kind
* anything sexually related
* anything insulting to a person or group of people (including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia, or religious persecution)
* stereotypically demeaning or sexist (either male or female) images

Flaming & Flame Baiting:
Do not insult (or instigate the insulting of) other players, groups of players, moderators, OPs or other forum users. This includes, but is not limited to:

* Flaming: hostile argument with or insulting another poster, or his/her point of view. Mature debate is acceptable.
* Trolling: Attempts to incite others to anger, frustration or sadness; also attempts to incite flaming.

None of the following will be tolerated. You will be dealt with according to the severity of your offense, how many time(s) it has occurred, and the content of your flames and/or trolling.

Off topic:
Please do not stray from the topic stated within the threads. Threads that have gone off that topic will be locked. Thread posted in the wrong section will be moved. Threads that are created with the sole purpose of having no meaning whatsoever will be either moved or trashed. Repeated offenses can result in a ban from the forums. The only place where off-topic/spam/chat posts are allowed is in Chat/Spam.
Offenses are as follows:

1st Offense - Infraction.
2nd Offense. - Temporary ban.
3rd Offense. - Permanent ban.

Examples of 'Spam' posts are:
- Copy/paste posts. (i.e. Copying someone posts, can be more than once or simply once. But this counts as 'spam' because you are therefore spamming the message.)
- Completely irrelevant posts to the topic.
- Anything off-topic or that simply does not belong in that topic.

Advertising of other websites:
Please do not advertise other sites or private server on these forums. Threads, links, banners or any other content consisting of advertisements for other sites will be locked or removed at the moderators' discretion.

Bans will not be discussed openly on the forums for any reason. Any thread or post created for this purpose will be removed without notice. If you wish to discuss a ban, please talk to nikoflame in-game.

Necro posting:
Any thread over 30 days old is considered to be a dead thread. Posting in a dead [necroing] thread will cause it to be locked. Repeated posting of dead threads can result in a ban from forums.

Signatures Regulations:
Height: 300 pixels
Width: 600 pixels
Any signatures containing inappropriate material [offensive language, vulgarities, nudity, see Inappropriate Behavior etc.] will be deleted without warning. If a signature contains more than one image, their combined height and width must not exceed the signature regulations.

The staff reserve the right to edit or remove any posted content that does not follow the rules.
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