xxsobersatinxx's application (reposted by Brounie93)

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xxsobersatinxx's application (reposted by Brounie93) Empty xxsobersatinxx's application (reposted by Brounie93)

Post  Brounie93 on Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:31 pm

Name: isaac dillon
In-Game Name: xxsobersatinxx
Prior experience: Im op in many servers op in that server is like admin in the server
How much do you know the commands?: not much i havent been on them anymore trey r off
How active are you?: alot ask brounie93 super_wabbit
Why we should hire you: ive done it alot befor not in a long time i could use some refreshing
Any other information?: i can build pretty nicely.

(Brounie93: I noticed that u haven't replied to sober's application, so I decided to repost it.) drunken Twisted Evil

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